About Us

Between Ile-et-Vilaine and Côtes-d'Armor, Pierre Bonte went to meet the real and authentic Breton galette. The report begins with an interview with a baker in Lanrelas who perpetuates the tradition of bread made with buckwheat flour. He then explains the difference between the galette and the crêpe. Then, in the home of Mr and Mrs Garet, Pierre Bonte observes and helps the mistress of the house who makes the dough for the galettes before our eyes. The report ends with a family tasting by the fire and the "galettier".

We carefully select all our raw materials, taking into account the seasons and favouring as much as possible our supplies from local producers with whom we have direct personal relationships to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of certain products.

The menu is currently being modified. The prices of some dishes may have changed. Please contact La Galetterie for more information.